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August 25, 2008


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I would LOVE a Ribbon Ring. I've seen it mentioned several times at different messageboards I go to and it's on my "wishlist" that I give out for my birthday and Christmas. I have yet to get one. LOL Anyway, right now my ribbon is either in plastic baggies or in a plastic divider container that I bought at walmart. I rarely use it because, as usual, out of sight, out of mind. LOL I think the great thing about the ribbon ring is that you can hang it up in the open and you'll always see it, therefore you'll use it more. My baggies/container are put away in a drawer, so obviously they don't get used much.


Hi Shari,what a great idea,as usual we don't have such in the Netherlands,we are way behind.
I store my "best'ribbons in a glas jar,so it look nice,the others I have in a ziplog bag and in a box.
But this looks nice and its indeed decorative,have fun with it,LOOKS good.
Have a great day and take care,

Cheryl Ryan

Hi Shari...
I have a great big glass jar with a lid with all my loose ribbon in it... the rest I have just anywhere it would fit...
I am in the middle of making a room for myself and organizing it...Yes I am going to post the really bad pictures today...
Talk to you soon


I store my ribbon on the spools, in jars and the ribbon rings but my favorite is the ribbon ring! I actually have two ribbon rings but need more of the plastic holders. I like to walk into my scrap area and see all the colors hanging on the walls. I love my ribbon rings.
By the way, did I tell you that I LOVE my ribbon rings?????


I currently store my ribbon in a big old hot mess in a drawer. LOL. I responded to a invite to "see" this new system and got one of the ribbon tags in the mail. Well, I thought it was a brilliant idea, but just never got off my duff to order it. So, I'd love the starter kit to help me get started organizing my pile-o-ribbon.


I don't have a special place for my ribbon, unfortunately right now it just sits stacked in piles on my table. I have limited storage space, so I think the Ribbon Ring is a fantastic solution, and it'll free up a bunch of space on my table!


Karen Warner

HI Shari,
I hope that you are doing well.
The ribbon ring looks like a Great Idea!!! Very easy to get to and very pretty:) I would love to try one of those!!
Have a Great Day!! ~Karen


I would love to try this out!! right now i keep my loose ribbons in a jar but then spend too much time digging in it to find the right one! This sounds like the coolest thing ever!!


I would love to try this out!! right now i keep my loose ribbons in a jar but then spend too much time digging in it to find the right one! This sounds like the coolest thing ever!!


I store mine in the cropper hopper embelishment boxes and on chipboard. It works well. Would like to try the ribbon ring....


Hey Shari!!
I really do love your blog!! Have learned alot just from reading all of your stuff!! I would LOVE to try the ribbon ring---never saw that "up here in the north"! I told you I live in the "boondocks"!!
PS: I love the music you have on here!!!

Nancy Clark

Unfortunately my ribbon is all over the place. Sort of stored by color, but in way too many different places!


I have not seen the ribbon ring in stores, but it looks absolutely fascinating. It would look good near my work table, and I could see, at a glance, my ribbons. Seems like a great idea to me. As of this moment, I have a ribbon organizer from Oriental Trading, an organizer from a pottery place, and a plastic box that I purchased at Wal-Mart. I probably have some ribbon stashed in baggies, and in various other places. Ribbon Ring sounds like a solution that I need to invest in soon.

Joy Smith

I have never seen anything like this what a great product. I have tried so many different solutions for ribbon storage that it is mind blogging. By the way I love your Blog Shari and never before have I left a comment on one. Good luck with the product Meliisa and I know it is on my wish list.

Jennifer Slay

I have read some about this but haven't seen one yet. I would love to try one!!!! Right now my ribbon is in a drawer, small pails on my table,anywhere I can stash it at the time. It's going on my b-day & Christmas list!!

Tamera Newger

I would LOVE to win this RAK..right now mine is crammed in jars and jars, getting wrinkled and smashed, I would like to try this and if it works convert the rest to this storage...awesome idea!


I'd love to try out a ribbon ring. Right now I just have my ribbon wrapped by color on chipboard rectangles and then stored in a basket. A ribbon ring would be a wonderful way to store it!

scrapper al

I store my ribbon on their original manufacturer cards or in those little Cropper Hopper boxes. Although this keeps the ribbon neat and clean, it takes up a lot of space and it kind of expensive. I saw the Ribbon Ring in action at a crop and fell in love with it.


Haven't quite found the perfect way to store ribbon... yet!

Have a few jars crammed to the top, ribbon boxes with slits to pull a bit of ribbon through, embroidery floss cards wrapped with ribbon and my personal favourite... a mini wooden ladder with ribbon hanging over the rungs!

Haven't seen the Ribbon Ring in Canada yet... may be the perfect soltion for me!

Tammy C

I have not seen the Ribbon Ring until today and absolutely love it, what a great way to store ribbon! I currently use one of those snapware containers for my ribbon, but find I am not using much of my ribbon because I can't see it. Would love a Ribbon Ring so I can see my ribbon and use it up (then I can buy more!)

Cristen baker

Right now my ribbon is everywhere. in plastic bagies on the reals, in boxes. just everywhere the ribbon ring is something to me. I dont know anyone that has one but i would lve to try something new


Wow what a wonderful giveaway! I have seen the Ribbon Ring on a few other websites before but haven't seen it in person yet. I would love to win the starter set and get to try it out! Right now I store my ribbon by color on cards, in baggies or on the spools. It works ok but it takes up WAY too much space and I forget to look for it. The Ribbon Ring sounds like it will work much better for me!


i think this is such a good idea - both practical AND functional. At the moment, I have ribbons in a stack of small plastic drawers, a handful in a glass jar, and heaps sitting in a plastic bag which i can no longer close. A ribbon ring would solve a whole lot of storage issues for me!!


Thanks for reviewing the Ribbon Ring. I have not heard of this before but to does look like a great solution. Currently, I store most of my ribbon in glass jars and a box or two. I do use it but I like this product much, much better.


I would love to try the ribbon ring. I have yet to see them in a store to purchase and I live in an area with quite a few stores. I currently store my loose ribbon in the ribbon bag with all the little holes. It mushes down and I don't like the way it looks. Rolled ribbon is in a drawer in my desk cube from Target and even more ribbon is on a spool that my dad made me. I think I have tried all the different options out there and am still looking for just the right product. I hope the ribbon ring is the answer.

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